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What’s a va’a?

Te va’a means the outrigger canoe. The va’a is a sharp (a paddler width) polynesian canoe, linked to a lateral beam with 2 wooden arms. Rubber straps (strong and flexible) make the link. The rower has a simple paddle. Le beam is for stability and is really Pacific islands’ typical.

Originally, polynesian canoes were wooden carved and a symbol of belonging to an island. Nowadays, they are made of composites. Different sorts of va’a : V1, individual, 7 meters long / V3, for 3, around 11 meters long / V6, for 6, around 13 meters long / V12, 2 twinned V6 va’as. All have Lagoon or open sea shapes.

From Pacific conquest to cultural symbol. First va’as were aimed at discovering unknown horizons and nearby islands. During the 19th century, with europeans arrival, big canoes become scarce. Polynesians use only short ones to go fishing in the lagoon.

In Tahiti, every July 14th, va’as parade and race. In 1950, va’a races develop. Around 1976, this sport comes popular again especially thanks to the hawaiian experimentation to relive Pacific migrations with a 19 meters long double canoe (Hokule’a). This is a success : 5370 kms in 32 days with no instruments. This va’a polynesians’ reclaim is a tribute to their ancestors’ marine conquest and their identity reconquest. In 1992, the great race Hawaiki Nui (original great land) directly refers to this return to the roots.

The va’a naturally becomes French Polynesia symbol and is represented on its national flag.

Polynesian Tiki

Angel or devil

Tikis are French Polynesia ubiquitous statues. These god’s representatives are there to protect people and keep bad energies away. Originating from the Marquesans, wooden or stone carved in humanoid form, they are now present on most of the islands of the Polynesian triangle.

First man created by Tane, half man half god, Tiki has different meanings according to places. But all Polynesians venerate or fear it because he represents ancient gods and mythical Polynesian ancestors. Tiki protects but don’t prejudice it! Every Tiki has its own personality. It can be neutral but can also have positive or negative effects according to people. They are in many houses. In Tahiti, a Tiki placed outside a house protects its occupants.

Tiki is represented as a stocky man, folded and stretched forward arm hands on his belly and folded legs. It has a big head, symbolizing power, and big eyes symbolizing knowledge. It also has an expressive wide mouth. It can be represented as a whole man or just a head. They all have a meaning : wisdom, fidelity, danse, kindness, strength, #tabu# (the sacred) and smile, themes that represent the Polynesian man.

Whale watching

Polynesia is one of the rare place in the world where whales can be freely encountered, in a total respect for the animal.

Watching season lasts 5 months, until october, enough time for the calves to be ready to leave for Antarctica. Whales can be spotted by their breath when they come to the surface.

It is very important to follow the rules resulting from the 1986 Moratory, forbidding whale hunting:
* keep a safe distance (50 meters – 100 m. when calves), reduce speed
* let the animal move freely, let him come to you (not the contrary), keep a constant speed and change course progressively
* you can’t approach from behind, do not cross trajectories
* forbidden to encircle or block whales along the reef
* do not approach unattended calves
* do not stay/observe more than 15 minutes

These are unforgettable moments, in the respect of life and nature, made possible by the warm Polynesian waters. Let’s preserve this priceless treasure but also let’s share it so that it can continue as their environment is endangered. Let’s stay vigilant and respectful.

Our dream comes true

7 April 2017
It’s done, our dream comes true. For several years we wanted to take a turn in our lives, both personal and professional. Living a life closer to the nature, the sea and our aspirations. Enjoy life, far from cities’ stress and their unbridled pace.

By choosing Moorea as a destination, we knew we would have to get rid of the superfluous. Everything has a price …. but what a paradise!

So do like us, take the plunge! Come and dream with us. Our life experiences, both in Europe and North America give us an understanding of travelers’ desires and requirements.

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